Performance Management: Manager Overview

Manager Overview
Performance Management is a six-step process:
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  • Step 1 Notification:
    Managers will receive a My HUB alert 45 days in advance of the employee’s review date. (Video; Instructions)

  • Step 2 Preparation:
    The manager will then prepare the information to review:
    • Create the performance review document for the employee. (Video; Instructions)
    • As appropriate: temporarily transfer ownership of the document to a designee (delegate) to complete on the manager's behalf. (Instructions)
    • Establish the evaluation criteria, including values, goals, and job responsibilities. (Video; Instructions)

  • Step 3 Gather Review Information:
    Managers and employees work collaboratively to ask for feedback from others, including managers and peers.
  • Step 4 Complete Review Online:
    • Complete all the sections of the review online. (Video; Instructions)
    • As necessary: transfer ownership of the document back to the reports-to supervisor. (Instructions)
    • Determine and submit the employee’s merit increase based on the established merit guidelines. (Video; Instructions)

  • Step 5 Approvals:
    The completed review and merit recommendation is submitted through the review and approval process. (Video; Instructions)

  • Step 6 Conduct Review Meeting and Finalize Review:
    The final step is for managers to notify staff of the scheduled review date and meet with them to discuss the review. Once the review is complete, it is date-stamped and processed through My HUB and stored online. (Video; Instructions)

    • Performance Management is an ongoing process.
      Some of the additional features in My HUB that will assist in this continuous effort include:
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