Activity: Complete Manager Evaluation

Prerequisite Activities: Establish Evaluation Criteria

The activity of completing the manager evaluation consists of the following tasks:
  • Fill out all sections of the evaluation (Video; Instructions).

    Only the employee's reports-to supervisor can complete the following:
  • Click on the Submit for Approval button to submit the merit and review document for approval (Video; Instructions).
  • Once submitted, you can click on the Forward Review button to send the review document to someone else in the employee's reporting structure.
  • Once approved, click on the Available for Review button to make the document visible to the employee through My HUB (Video; Instructions).
  • Once available for review (and the review meeting has been held), instruct the employee to acknowledge the review document through My HUB (Video; Instructions).
  • Contact your HR representative if the employee refuses to acknowledge the review to determine if it is appropriate to override (Video; Instructions).
  • Once acknowledged, click on the Complete button to finalize the process (Video; Instructions).
When completed:
  • The merit increase will be processed that evening into the Human Resources system.
  • The performance document will be removed from your Current Documents and placed in your historical documents (Video; Instructions).

Note: You must enter a rating for each value, goal, and responsibility on the review document in order to submit for approval. You must also enter a comment within each of the three sections. If the overall rating is poor, marginal, superior, or top, you must also enter a comment in the Overall Summary section.

Additional Resources:

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