Activity: Establish Evaluation Criteria

Prerequisite Activities: None

The first activity to be completed on a performance document is for the manager to define the evaluation criteria. The evaluation criteria includes values, goals, and responsibilities. The values cannot be edited. However, the manager can add, edit, and remove goals and responsibilties. (Video; Instructions)

Note: Departmental goals that default into the evaluation cannot be edited or removed; but the weighting can be adjusted so that certain goals contribute more or less to the overall rating than other goals.

You can either:
  • Click on either the 'Add Goals' or 'Add Responsibilities' links to define additional criteria
  • Click on the 'Delete' link to remove a criteria
  • Click on the 'Edit' link to change a criteria
  • Adjust the Weight values within the goals and/or responsibilities. Note: by default all weights are 0, indicating each item will be weighted equally. If changed, then the weights for all items within that section (goals or responsibilities) must equal 100
  • Click on the 'Save' button to save the changes that you have made, but not finalize the activity
  • Click on the 'Complete' button to save and finalize this activity. You will be asked to click 'Complete' a second time to confirm your choice and return to the Document Details page. Once finalized, you will not be able to change the criteria.
  • Click on the 'Cancel' button or 'Return to Document Detail' link to return to your list of activities. If you make changes on the page, click on the 'Save' button prior to clicking 'Cancel' or 'Return to Document Detail' to save your changes
When completed:
  • Your employee will be notified to complete his or her self-evaluation through My HUB, which will be based on the criteria you defined in this activity (Video; Instructions)
  • You will be able to nominate peer and delegate evaluators (Video; Instructions)
  • You can begin to complete the manager evaluation Video; Instructions)
Additional Resources:

Note: In order to view the video demonstrations, you must have Adobe Flash installed on your computer.