Create a Performance Document

In order to initiate the performance review process in My HUB, you must first create the performance document for your employee. This is the third of three pages that you will need to go through in order to create a performance document. Based on the employee's job records in the Human Resources system, the employee's review cycle (annual or six month) and review period will be automatically determined. Although you can change the 'from' date of the review period, you cannot change the review cycle or the 'to' date. Please contact Human Resources if these values are incorrect.

To continue, you will need to first select a template. You can either select the employee or manager template.

You can either:
  • Chose a template (manager or employee) and click on the 'Create Documents' button to proceed with creating a review document for your employee
  • Click on 'Return to Select Employees' to return to the previous page and select a different employee
Additional Resources:

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