Forward Manager Evaluation

This tool gives you the ability to forward the evaluation to another person within the employee's reporting structure. That person will be able to view the document and enter a comment or forward the document to someone else.

Note: Individuals who are already defined as approvers for this employee's department will automatically be able to see and comment on the review document when it appears in their worklist on My HUB for approval.
    You can either:
    • Check the box to the left of the person's name whom you wish to forward the document to and then click 'Save'.
    • Click on the 'Cancel' button to exit and return.
    When you click 'Save', an email will be sent to the person, notifying them that you have forwarded a performance document for their review.

    Additional Resources:

    Note: In order to view the video demonstrations, you must have Adobe Flash installed on your computer.