ePerformance New Features

UPMC will be upgrading its Human Resources system, PeopleSoft (including My HUB), the weekend of June 11, 2011. This upgrade includes new and enhanced ePerformance features.

Transfer Document
Managers will have the option to temporarily transfer ownership of an employee’s review to a designee (delegate). The transfer document feature provides an option for managers to fully delegate the completion of the review to someone else (other than the employee) with firsthand knowledge of the employee’s job and work performance. Once the delegate returns the performance review, the manager can add comments to the original document.

Managers are still responsible for:

Peer or Peer With Goals
Previously, a manager could nominate a peer or a delegate to provide feedback about an employee’s performance. The peer could only evaluate job responsibilities and competencies, whereas the delegate could also evaluate goals. With the new transfer document function, the title of the delegate will change to peer with goals.

The major differences between feedback from peers and peers with goals vs. delegates are as follows:

Peers and Peers with Goals


  • The manager must complete the evaluation score and import comments from the peers and peers with goals feedback function.
  • The manager does not need to import or input the delegate’s ratings and comments from the original evaluation, which the delegate returns to the manager.
  • Peers simply provide input and comments after each item on the review.
  • Delegates also complete the evaluation score for each item.

Collapsing Evaluation
Currently, you must scroll down the computer screen to read the entire review document. With the upgrade, managers and employees will be able to collapse sections of the performance evaluation, making it more compact and easier to view.

Printing Document
Managers and employees will have the ability to save performance evaluations as PDFs or print the review documents more cleanly.