• Immediately reports unsafe incidents and conditions
  • Is accountable for patient and staff safety
  • Complies with safety regulations
  • Follows all safety procedures to keep themselves, fellow employees, patients/families, and customers safe (clinical and non-clinical)
  • Seeks out continuation of a sterile environment through hand washing, personal hygiene, and workplace sanitation
  • Additional Safety Competencies for Managers

  • Creates a culture of accountability for patient and staff safety and a work environment that allows for a safe reporting of workplace incidents and conditions (clinical and non-clinical) and develops and communicates corrective actions to prevent further injuries and accidents
  • Ensures annual safety training for all staff, enforces general and department safety programs and safe work, and ensures that all work-related exposures, illnesses, injuries, and/or incidents are reported and investigated thoroughly to determine cause
  • Works proactively with HR and Safety departments to develop injury prevention strategies