Create Position

This option allows the requestor to create a brand new position number that does not currently exist. He/she will have the opportunity to identify if this newly created position is replacing a current or former employee during the request process. The requestor will select the ‘Create a Position’ link if he/she only wants to create the position at the current time and not post it. He/she will select the ‘Create and Post Position’ link if the position should be posted once it’s been created. There will be a few additional posting related fields to populate with this request. Select the ‘Temporary Assistance’ link to request a resource from Temporary Services (soon to be renamed UPMC WorkSource).

Once the transaction is submitted, the requestor will receive a confirming email and the first approver in the approval path will receive an email indicating a transaction is pending his/her approval. If the transaction is denied at any point in the process, an email will be sent to the requestor indicating who denied the transaction and the reason it was denied. When the transaction is reviewed and approved by Human Resources, the requestor will receive another email indicating that the transaction has been approved. The requestor can also track the status of the request by clicking on the Transactions Submitted link on the Manager Home page.

Create Position (or Create and Post Position) Transaction fields:

Please note: If you choose to upload a new resume, it will overwrite all application information previously saved.

Tips for Cutting and Pasting Your Resume

Please note: If you choose to Cut and Paste a resume, the information included will NOT default into the application section. You will still be responsible for completeing this portion of the application.