Frequently Asked Questions About UPMC's Job Application Process

Prior to contacting us with questions regarding the UPMC job application process, please be sure to view our FAQ below.


I have a disability. Can I get help applying?

Please submit your contact information and someone will be in touch to assist with you the application process.

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What Internet connection and web browser should I use?

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My session timed out. Why?

For your security, if your session is inactive for 40 minutes, it will be timed out. You will need to log back in to restart the application process.

Tip: When navigating throughout the site, please do not use your browser's Back button. This can also cause your session to expire.  Instead, use the Return to Previous Page links located within the application.

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I am having difficulty finding a specific job posting.

On average, UPMC has more than 1,000 jobs posted. The UPMC recruitment and selection policy requires that a job be posted for a minimum of seven days. All transfer requests received during the seven-day period will be considered. There is no guarantee that transfer requests received after the seven-day period will be reviewed and considered.

To make your search return better results, use the advanced search option and search for jobs by keywords specific to your:

See our search tips for more help.

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I do not have an e-mail address. What do I do?

Our goal is to communicate to our candidates frequently and effectively. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot send everyone a hard copy letter. In order to receive important communication from UPMC about your application, you must have an active e-mail address. In the future, we plan to communicate your application status more frequently via e-mail.

These three websites offer free e-mail services:

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What is a job search agent?

A job search agent is a process that automatically runs overnight and:

To set up a job search agent:

  1. Enter your search criteria and click on the Save Search button from the Basic or Advanced Job Search pages. 
  2. Enter a name for your search and then check the Use as Job Agent box.
  3. Specify the e-mail address where you wish to send the overnight search results.

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Am I able to apply to the same job posting twice?

No. Once you have applied to a job posting, you will not be able to apply to that same posting again.

However, we encourage you to visit our site often to search and apply for similar job opportunities.

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If I exit the application prior to submitting, will I be able to return?

We recommend that you complete the entire application process without exiting.

If you save the application and exit prior to successfully submitting it, your information will be saved in draft form and you will have the opportunity to apply as long as the posting is still available.

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I would like to update an application that I just submitted. How can I do that?

Your submission is considered your official application and is what will be used to assess your skills for the position for which you applied.

Once you submit your information to a specific position, the application cannot be changed.

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I would like to edit a resume and application I have previously submitted for a position. How can I do that?

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Why did my resume fail to upload?

There are several possible reasons your resume failed to upload:

  1. The resume file was too large or was not in the correct format.
    • Files must be less than 500KB in size.
    • Only resumes with the following file extensions can be uploaded: .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word) or .txt (Notepad or a text editor).

    We recommend that you verify the size and format of your resume and try to upload again.

  2. The resume document contained a virus or the file was corrupt.

    You may want to rebuild your resume in another document if the current file contains a virus or is corrupt. Then try to upload the new document.

  3. The Internet connection failed during the upload process.

If the upload process continues to encounter errors, please:

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Can I submit my resume via paper?

No. UPMC’s policy is only to accept electronic applications and resumes.

As an internal applicant, only resumes and applications submitted through My HUB will be considered.

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Why did some of my resume not default correctly into the application?

Our system utilizes software to automatically default resume data into the application section. Based on individual formatting of resumes, this data may not populate accurately. Therefore, it is essential that you review all populated information to ensure accuracy, and make corrections as necessary.

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How will I know that I have successfully submitted my application?

The application is complete once you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the application, and clicked on the final Submit button.

You will receive confirmation on the screen that the application has been successfully submitted. You also will receive a confirmation e-mail

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What should I expect to happen after I submit my application?

Once you submit your application:

We do our best to facilitate an efficient and timely recruitment and hiring process; however, we do not follow a specific timeline.

Transfer requests


Job openings are filled by persons considered to be the best qualified.

Qualifications may include, but are not limited to, such factors as:

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How can I contact Human Resources regarding a position?

Due to the volume of inquiries, we are not able to respond directly to each applicant.

Your application will be reviewed, and if UPMC is interested in your background, a UPMC recruiter will contact you for an interview. 

Submitting a transfer request does not guarantee an interview.

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What if I have a functional or technical question about the UPMC job application process that was not answered in the FAQ?

Please submit your question regarding the application process.

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