Internal Transfer Request for First-Time Users

To make your application experience go smoothly, please prepare the following required information:

Completing the internal transfer request process has four steps:

  1. Use the keyword search and advanced search features to find and apply for internal job postings.

  2. Choose from the resume options:
    • use an existing resume
    • upload a new resume*
    • copy and paste resume text

    *Please note: if you select to upload a new resume, the information will auto-populate portions of the application. Based on individual formatting of resumes, at times, this data may not populate accurately. Therefore, it's essential that you review all populated information to ensure accuracy, and make corrections as necessary.

  3. Review and update your:
    • personal information
    • education
    • employment history
    • applicable licensures and certifications

  4. Submit your information to apply for an internal transfer.

Advice for first-time users: