Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if the position I’m recruiting for is staff or management level?

A: Management level questions should be used for any positions that have a staff reporting to them.  Staff level questions can be used for any other positions without direct reports.

Q: What if I want to choose more than three questions for a competency?

A: You can choose up to five questions and you can also use the “Job Related/Technical Questions” area on the printable interview guide to write any additional questions that you would like to include in the interview.

Q: Can I choose to not ask any questions from a particular competency?

A: Yes, you can opt to check zero boxes under a competency if you feel that the other competencies are the most relevant and important to your open position and that you could adequately evaluate the candidate based upon that information.

Q: What are the definitions for the rating scale?

A: Much more than acceptable: the answers to your questions were relevant to the job you are interviewing for, the answers given were from a recent example, the candidate answered all of your questions, and the candidate completely answered your questions by giving a situation, action, and result.  Acceptable: the candidate sometimes, but not always provides answers that fit the criteria for “Much more than acceptable.”  Much less than acceptable: The candidate gave answers that were not relevant or recent, they were not able to answer all of your questions, and/or they were not able to give situation, action, or result for questions.

Q: What is the purpose of the rating scale?

A: You have the option to rate the candidate for each competency so that you can get an overall picture of how well the person fits into the competencies that are important to be successful in the job.

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